Our Mission

Our lab is dedicated to promoting research excellence through the cultivation of a diverse and inclusive community. We believe that a diverse community with a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences fosters creativity, innovation, and scientific rigor. Our mission is to create a supportive and inclusive environment where all members feel valued, respected, and empowered to contribute to the scientific community.

Our Research
Neal lab members in a celebratory pose, smiling with arms in the air.
Sonya and the Neal lab members all dressed in pink in front of balloons that say “congrats”.
Sonya and the Neal lab members wearing matching T-shirts that read “#NealLabStrong”

What We Value


We believe diversity of perspectives is the key to unlocking innovative ideas. Our lab is composed of trainees from all levels and backgrounds!


Our research program is based on a question-centered, whatever it takes, and highly interdisciplinary approach. Hence, we collaborate with many laboratories across the world.

Engagement and Outreach

We strive to engage in outreach activities and to share our science and privilege with our respective communities.

Commitment to Training

We provide an inclusive and integrative training environment for all trainees by preparing them to be effective scientists, educators, mentors, and role models at UCSD and beyond.

Recent Press